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The Use of Accounting and Finance Software in Business

Accounting and finance software is very essential in order to succeed in business, regardless of the size and nature of the business. Many businesses have started making use of accounting and finance software as an integral part of their business operations.

Types of accounting and finance software

The two main types of accounting and finance software are;

Generic software: This is the best alternative for small businesses on account of its low cost of maintenance. Typical generic software includes Peachtree, and Great Plains.

Industry specific software: This offers more components and options. They are usually designed to meet specific needs of a particular organization. However, the cost of maintenance is high compared to generic software.

Merits of accounting and finance software

Accounting and finance software helps the management to make better decisions. It also helps in controlling costs, and in analyzing trends. It also helps to sort out information faster, and it enhances search capabilities without having to go through a heap of documents.


Sometimes, buying and maintaining software can be expensive. A small business may begin with one or two licenses. As the business grows, more licenses can be purchased. The cost of training the workers to use the software should also be considered.

In conclusion, accounting software will not replace genuine accounting knowledge. However, it may accelerate the procedure and make it faster. The fundamental knowledge of accounting is most times needed to setup the software and use it effectively.

Stephen Souky is an accountant; he has worked and thrived in the field of professional accounting for more than 20 years. He is a senior level manager in the Cable/Internet/fiber industry, serving as Controller at MHC. He has a strong background in corporate and personal income tax, business valuation, and various types of accounting software. He is also a member of Great Plains User Group (GPUG).


Girls’ Softball and Basketball Coach Stephen Souky On Positive Fitness

Before Coach Stephen Souky started coaching girls’ youth softball and basketball, he had no idea of the social pressure on girls to diet and work out to conform to a specific image of what they should look like. Throughout his many years of coaching experience, Stephen Souky has seen his commitment to coaching increase as he’s learned that athletics can provide a crucial way for girls to build positive relationships with fitness and health, rather than one based in shame or social pressure.

For the most part, Stephen Souky coaches girls in the middle school age range, who are in many cases encountering the many challenges of growing up as a young woman. According to Stephen Souky, he frequently coaches girls who are exposed to pressure to diet or work out obsessively in order to achieve a skinny physique. With a supportive athletic atmosphere, however, girls can learn to build a positive relationship with their own health and physical activity through learning about healthy ways of achieving physical fitness and increased confidence about their own skills.

Coach Stephen Souky focuses on building respect and sportsmanship among teammates, and that includes respect for one’s self. While many girls show up to his team with poor self esteem, Stephen Souky coaches them to athletic success, helping them feel like a key part of a team. Furthermore, when fitness is coupled with sports and a group-focused sense of participation, as well as a focus on strength and skill rather than personal image, girls can reframe the way they look at themselves and at physical activity. For Stephen Souky, seeing his players begin to reform their confidence in terms of athletic ability, teamwork, and health, rather than image or conforming to a certain stereotype, is one of the most rewarding parts of coaching a girl’s team.

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