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Stephen Souky – Important Youth Basketball Coaching Tips

Being a basketball coach is a tough job, especially when you have to give your team the right training and strategies to come up with a victory each time. Stephen Souky is an ardent basketball fan and is the President of Niskayuna Girls Travel Basketball and AAU programs. Here are some tips you can use if you are a basketball coach.


When you start coaching a basketball team, you must remember that all players start at Level 1 no matter how old they are. Depending on their age and skill they will progress through the different levels. Generally, Level 1 is for seven to ten-year-olds. Many high school and college basketball coaches start with Level 1 every year; however, they quickly progress through the levels and move on to the other levels. The most important thing in building a basketball team is to build a strong foundation.

Important Points to Teach Your Team

Layups – Practice layups as much as possible with both hands. Your aim should be to get all your players to make layups with both their hands equally. Every player needs to know how to jump off the proper foot. If they are shooting off their right leg, they should shoot a left-hand layup, and vice versa.

Footwork – Teach your team triple threat positioning, to pivot on their left and right foot without traveling, and how to square to the basket when they catch the ball in a triple threat position.

Ball Handling – Every player on your team should know how to dribble with their right hand and left hand equally. Speed dribble, protect-the-ball-dribble, crossover, and back-up-dribble are all important and you should make sure your team know how to execute them perfectly.

Stephen Souky is a basketball fan and has been playing the game since he was little.


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