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Stephen Souky – Common Basketball Mistakes

As a youth basketball coach, Stephen Souky has helped many amateur athletes through the intricacies of the sport. While the rules and scoring structure may seem simple enough, there are many complicated issues in basketball that players need to understand in order to avoid being penalized in any way. Below are some of the common, yet costly mistakes that players make while on the court.


In basketball, traveling is when a player moves their feet without properly dribbling the ball. However, pivoting on one foot with the ball is allowed, so long as your pivoting foot doesn’t lift or slide. Some beginners will be so worried about being called for traveling that they do not think about the pivot privilege; however, it is one that can make a great difference in offense.

Shooting Over the Three Point Line

When a player goes for a three-point shot, it is essential to remember that the player’s feet must land outside of the three-point line in order to get the full three points. Some players make shots by jumping over this line and then get frustrated for not being awarded points, but it is the proper rule of the game.

Stephen Souky has helped many players develop their skills to avoid these mistakes.


Stephen Souky – Scoring in Basketball

Stephen Souky is a youth basketball coach who has led his tams to victory through showing them ways to score more points. In basketball, the scoring is quite simple, as a player can only score so any points in a given scenario. Below are the main scenarios in which points will be put on the board.

Single-Point Scenarios

Basketball players earn a single point for every foul shot they make. A foul shot is taken from the foul line, which is near the top of the key. A player can be granted one, two or three foul shots per penalty, depending on where the player was shooting from, whether they scored or not, or the severity of the penalty itself.

Two-Point Scenarios

A player’s team is awarded two points for every shot scored within the three-point line.

Three-Point Scenarios

A player can score three points in a single play through a few different scenarios. The player can make a shot from behind the three-point line; the player can make a shot inside the three-point line and be fouled, leading to an extra foul shot; or a layer can be awarded three foul shot attempts as a result of a technical foul on the other team.

Four-Point Scenarios

A player can score four points in a single play if the player hits a three-point shot while being fouled by an opponent, allowing for a foul shot.

Stephen Souky has seen all these scenarios and more happen in basketball.

Stephen Souky – How to Improve the Accuracy of Your Shot in Basketball

Stephen Souky is an experienced youth basketball coach who has led amateur athletes to championships. He is well-versed in teaching the fundamentals of the game to others, and he appreciates the importance of having a good shot. In basketball, points scored is one of the ultimate stats upon which players are judged. It is also the basis upon which teams are judged, as the scoreboard is the ultimate decider of every game. Below are some basic tips to improve your shot accuracy.

Establish a Guiding Hand

When shooting the basketball, most players will use one hand to push the ball into the air and towards the basket, while they’ll keep another hand to the side of the basketball in order to properly guide it towards the basket. Many players prefer to use their dominant hand as a pushing hand, so the other must be steady and ready to stabilize the shot.

Use Proper Footwork

The direction of your shot depends highly on the posture of your body, which relies on your feet while standing vertically. The better your footwork is, the better your posture will be when you take shots, which will improve your accuracy and gain a more direct idea of where to place the ball.

Stephen Souky teaches his players this and more so that they can become more effective shooters.

Stephen Souky – The Basics of Dribbling

As a youth basketball coach, Stephen Souky is skilled in teaching the fundamentals of the sport as well as helping seasoned athletes improve upon their own abilities. One of the first skills that a basketball player needs to develop is to properly dribble.

Dribbling is when players bounce the ball off the ground using their hands. In basketball, players must dribble the ball whenever they are in motion. If they move too many steps without dribbling the ball, they will be called for traveling. If they dribble, hold the ball, then start dribbling again, the referee will call a double-dribble. It is essential to be good at dribbling in basketball because it is the only way you can move around with the ball.

While it is important to be able to dribble with both hands, most beginners will often establish a dominant hand to do most of the dribbling from the start. Once you find that hand, start dribbling it while standing still. From there, you can start walking and eventually speed up to a running level. One you have become comfortable enough with your dominant hand, you should try switching hands immediately so that you can confuse your opponents.

Stephen Souky is the President of Niskayuna Girls Travel Basketball, and led his team to a 2015 championship.

Stephen Souky – How to Maximize Family Time

With the amount of work parents have to handle at home and at the workplace, there seems to be less and less time for them to spend together with their children. Having to do the dishes, laundry, cook food, clean the house and other household chores take up a considerable amount of time. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, women spend only slightly more time doing household chores than men. Stephen Souky is a committed family-man and makes sure he spends quality time with his family. Here are some tips you can use to maximize family time.

Create a To-Do List

Instead of just creating a normal to-do list, innovate by creating three categories; Do, Don’t, and Delegate. Stephanie Vozza, the author of The Five Minute Mom’s Club says, ”There’s always one thing on your to-do list you know you’re not going to do. Cross it off,” If you can’t do something, you might want to delegate it to someone else. She also recommends drawing happy faces next to things you like doing, and dollar signs next to things that could save you money. She believes that these visuals will help you why things matter.

Use Your Resources

Take advantage of what you have. If you have a babysitter working at your home, you might want to ask her to prep dinner, restock the diaper bag, or pick up the toys. Check if your dry cleaner can pick up and deliver clothes to your home. You might also want to combine different errands into one to save time.

Get the Kids Involved

A great way to spend more time with the kids is to get them involved in doing things. Turn chores into bonding time with your kids. Teach your kids to pick up the toys and put it in a toy basket. You might want to create a “clean up” game where your kids play together with you in helping clean up the room. Be creative like singing a song as you clean up or playing who can pick up more stuff in a minute.

Stephen Souky believes in creating unique chores that allow him to spend more time with his family.

Stephen Souky – Important Youth Basketball Coaching Tips

Being a basketball coach is a tough job, especially when you have to give your team the right training and strategies to come up with a victory each time. Stephen Souky is an ardent basketball fan and is the President of Niskayuna Girls Travel Basketball and AAU programs. Here are some tips you can use if you are a basketball coach.


When you start coaching a basketball team, you must remember that all players start at Level 1 no matter how old they are. Depending on their age and skill they will progress through the different levels. Generally, Level 1 is for seven to ten-year-olds. Many high school and college basketball coaches start with Level 1 every year; however, they quickly progress through the levels and move on to the other levels. The most important thing in building a basketball team is to build a strong foundation.

Important Points to Teach Your Team

Layups – Practice layups as much as possible with both hands. Your aim should be to get all your players to make layups with both their hands equally. Every player needs to know how to jump off the proper foot. If they are shooting off their right leg, they should shoot a left-hand layup, and vice versa.

Footwork – Teach your team triple threat positioning, to pivot on their left and right foot without traveling, and how to square to the basket when they catch the ball in a triple threat position.

Ball Handling – Every player on your team should know how to dribble with their right hand and left hand equally. Speed dribble, protect-the-ball-dribble, crossover, and back-up-dribble are all important and you should make sure your team know how to execute them perfectly.

Stephen Souky is a basketball fan and has been playing the game since he was little.

Stephen Souky – Save Money with These Last Minute Income Tax Tips

Stephen Souky holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting from State University of New York, Fredonia, and has experience in income tax issues. According to research one in four Americans waits until the last two weeks before filing the IRS reports. Waiting for the last minute to file your IRS report is not a good idea and it increases your chance of making mistakes. Here are some last minute income tax tips you can use to save money.

Get Organized

Before you start filling any forms, gather all the information you need such as income and deduction information, social security numbers, including your last year’s returns. You will need W-2s and 1099s for income, including a Form 1099-INT if you have received interest from the bank. To deduct interest paid on your home loan, you might want to use Form 1098, Mortgage interest Statement. Receipts from donations, purchases, health care, payment for business, education, child care, and retirement saving contributions should all be kept ready before you start filing.

Decide Who

Decide who is going to file your taxes. Are you going to do it yourself, or are you planning on hiring a professional tax preparer to help you? If you earned less than $53,000 in a year, you could qualify for the free in-person preparation of basic tax forms via The Volunteer Income tax Assistance program (VITA). If your income is over $60,000 you could use the IRS Free File website offer to file your returns.

Don’t Rush

When filing your tax returns, it is best to take it slowly and not to rush. Mistakes can be costly, so it’s best to start early and avoid any last-minute filing. Stephen Souky recommends preparing the necessary paperwork well in advance to avoid any costly mistakes.

Stephen Souky – Why Corporates Should Get Involved in Community Service

Stephen Souky believes that community service could be just as beneficial to a business as it is to individuals. Over the last several years, there has been a growing interest in corporations and businesses in the area of community service, or corporate social responsibility (CSR). The interest originates from the community, employees, customers and job seekers. For individuals, community service and philanthropy can have a significant impact on their lives, even improving their health.

Job Seekers and Community Service

Over the last couple of years, job seekers have begun to take an interest in a company’s CSR policy before applying for or accepting a job. In the corporate world, this could mean getting the best-qualified candidates to work for you based on your CSR policy. People are looking for companies that have a keen interest in the community.

According to a study conducted by PriceWaterhouseCoopers, 86% of generation Y applicants said that they would resign from their jobs at a company if the CSR projects started to decline. Studies have shown that volunteerism in the workplace is making a huge impact on employee retention and recruitment, and this will only become more prominent as generation Y moves up the corporate ladder.

Employees and Community Service

Many businesses and corporations have adopted a CSR policy and have created various opportunities to get their staff involved in community service projects. The kind of community service organized by the company makes the employees feel proud about working there and making a difference in the community.

Volunteering for community service helps promote and build a positive culture in the company and greatly influences teamwork in the workplace. The greater the number of volunteers, the bigger the impact a company can make in the community. Volunteering for community service helps employees gain additional skills that can be used outside the workplace.

HP is a great example of how volunteerism can boost job satisfaction. The company’s work with “A Billion+ Change” has led to over 1.6 million hours or volunteer work, and employee job satisfaction had risen from 60% to 70% in a matter of two years.

Customers and Community Service

With the increase in the use of social media, customer perception has a massive impact on a company’s brand. People aren’t just taking into account the products and services provided by a company, but also what community service the company is involved in. A classic example of a company that works with customers is The Walt Disney Company. It has a great reputation for working together and giving back to the community. Philanthropy and volunteerism have always been part of its company policy and culture, and the company has showed true interest in helping people improve their lives.

Stephen Souky is an experienced accountant and the President of the Niskayuna Girls Travel Basketball Team.

How to Evaluate a Business Investment

It is essential to evaluate the outcome of an investment. This will help you to know whether it is a good investment or not. One of the most acknowledged and an essential system for evaluating a business investment is to compute the ROI (return on investment).

Here are simple steps you can follow:
1. Include all expenses connected with the investment you have made. Include the cost of advertisement, marketing, and other expenses made.
2. Compute the total income you have made as a result of the investment using your sales report.
3. Subtract your expenses from the total sales that you have made and then divide that figure by the total expenses. This will give you the return on investment. Then, multiply that number by 100 to get the ROI percentage.
4. Analyze the ROI rate to determine whether you have made a beneficial and brilliant business investment decision. If you have a positive return on investment, it shows that the investment was profitable.
Make sure you evaluate your business investment by calculating the return on investment regularly. This method is effective because it will allow you to evaluate your business investment with ease. Also, you can keep on setting clear investment objectives to either meet or surpass past results.

Stephen Souky is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA). He is a Controller at MHC. He is a skilled communicator and an effective leader. He has a Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting from the State University of New York (SUNY Fredonia).

Four Little Things that Makes the Difference in Business

When you manage a business, it can once in a while become hard to concentrate on small details. As you begin to manage your employees, customers, suppliers, and your product marketers, you will begin to understand that it is the easily overlooked details in business that makes the difference. Those qualities that you underestimate can determine what people think of you, and it will help them decide whether they can do business with you or not. Such things to consider include;

  1. Good manners

In order to project a good business image and encourage business relationships, good manners are important. Being courteous and polite will help you to make good first impressions; this is very important in business. Learn to say words such as “please”, “thank you”, “sir” and “ma’am”. Also, learn to speak courteously, this will help to enhance your image.

  1. Quality control

Pay attention to quality in every aspect of the business. This is a little propensity that every business owner ought to have. The quality of your product and service is very important.

  1. Keep to time

It is better to be 15 minutes early to a business schedule, than to be 15 minutes late. Arriving at a business meeting late will project a negative image; you will be marked as somebody who is inconsistent and untrustworthy.

  1. Ask the right questions

Ask the right people the right questions. Having the habit of regularly asking the right questions can bring you more profits, and save you from making bad investment decisions.

Concentrate on the seemingly insignificant details and enhance your business image and relationship with your customers, suppliers and employees.

Stephen Souky is in the fiber/internet/cable business, and he is working as a Controller at MHC. He has a degree in Accounting from the State University of New York (SUNY Fredonia).

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