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Stephen Souky – How to Maximize Family Time

With the amount of work parents have to handle at home and at the workplace, there seems to be less and less time for them to spend together with their children. Having to do the dishes, laundry, cook food, clean the house and other household chores take up a considerable amount of time. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, women spend only slightly more time doing household chores than men. Stephen Souky is a committed family-man and makes sure he spends quality time with his family. Here are some tips you can use to maximize family time.

Create a To-Do List

Instead of just creating a normal to-do list, innovate by creating three categories; Do, Don’t, and Delegate. Stephanie Vozza, the author of The Five Minute Mom’s Club says, ”There’s always one thing on your to-do list you know you’re not going to do. Cross it off,” If you can’t do something, you might want to delegate it to someone else. She also recommends drawing happy faces next to things you like doing, and dollar signs next to things that could save you money. She believes that these visuals will help you why things matter.

Use Your Resources

Take advantage of what you have. If you have a babysitter working at your home, you might want to ask her to prep dinner, restock the diaper bag, or pick up the toys. Check if your dry cleaner can pick up and deliver clothes to your home. You might also want to combine different errands into one to save time.

Get the Kids Involved

A great way to spend more time with the kids is to get them involved in doing things. Turn chores into bonding time with your kids. Teach your kids to pick up the toys and put it in a toy basket. You might want to create a “clean up” game where your kids play together with you in helping clean up the room. Be creative like singing a song as you clean up or playing who can pick up more stuff in a minute.

Stephen Souky believes in creating unique chores that allow him to spend more time with his family.


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