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Four Little Things that Makes the Difference in Business

When you manage a business, it can once in a while become hard to concentrate on small details. As you begin to manage your employees, customers, suppliers, and your product marketers, you will begin to understand that it is the easily overlooked details in business that makes the difference. Those qualities that you underestimate can determine what people think of you, and it will help them decide whether they can do business with you or not. Such things to consider include;

  1. Good manners

In order to project a good business image and encourage business relationships, good manners are important. Being courteous and polite will help you to make good first impressions; this is very important in business. Learn to say words such as “please”, “thank you”, “sir” and “ma’am”. Also, learn to speak courteously, this will help to enhance your image.

  1. Quality control

Pay attention to quality in every aspect of the business. This is a little propensity that every business owner ought to have. The quality of your product and service is very important.

  1. Keep to time

It is better to be 15 minutes early to a business schedule, than to be 15 minutes late. Arriving at a business meeting late will project a negative image; you will be marked as somebody who is inconsistent and untrustworthy.

  1. Ask the right questions

Ask the right people the right questions. Having the habit of regularly asking the right questions can bring you more profits, and save you from making bad investment decisions.

Concentrate on the seemingly insignificant details and enhance your business image and relationship with your customers, suppliers and employees.

Stephen Souky is in the fiber/internet/cable business, and he is working as a Controller at MHC. He has a degree in Accounting from the State University of New York (SUNY Fredonia).


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