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Stephen Souky – Accounting Leadership

A professional seeks the highest achievements and accolades, fluid teamwork and an equal amount of respect. A top notch accounting leader will always seek to provide a tradition of high-quality management, leadership, and delivery of goals. None of this can be achieved without customer satisfaction and a motivated team of professionals. The best leaders utilize a significant level of skill and experiences to help the company stay on track and to meet its financial objectives consistently.

Leaders must exemplify and encourage a tradition of providing high-quality management and leadership to a professional team. If it existed, the accounting professionals guide to success would mention a great sense of patience, humility, and integrity. Through these qualities, a team leader can encourage his teammates to trust his decision-making and mimic those same qualities. Tasks on the daily grind of leading a team would surmount to focusing on expert management of the company’s financial reporting, accounts payable, budgeting, purchasing, payroll, fixed assets, grant accounting, debt obligations and much more.

Accounting professional Stephen Souky has been in Senior Level Management, including such positions as Controller, his current position, as Senior Vice President, as Comptroller, Finance Director and more. Currently a senior level professional for MHC and Affiliates, Souky continues to continue. He is a graduate of SUNY College at Fredonia, who formerly worked as a Comptroller for the Albany College of Pharmacy and Health Services. He managed a professional accounting team and providing.  He is also the former Director of Finance and HR for Endosoft, providing expert management of all company functions related to Accounting, Finance, and Human Resources for over a year.


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