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Stephen Souky – The Benefits of Volunteering

Stephen Souky is committed to his local community, and is always interested in ways to help make the community stronger, cleaner and healthier for future generations to enjoy. A regular volunteer through his local church, Grace Fellowship, Souky is rewarded by the opportunity to lend a helping hand to others, and to provide support and assistance when and wherever it may be most needed.

The benefits of volunteer work, as Stephen Souky knows are many, not only to the people who depend on the help of nonprofit organizations and volunteers, but also for the volunteers themselves. Below are several examples of how the act of volunteering can be beneficial to those demonstrating their generosity.

Connections with Others

As Stephen Souky knows, volunteer work is a great way to put you in contact with new people, both fellow volunteers and the people you’re serving, affording you the opportunity to establish new connections, make new friends and broaden your overall connection to the local community.

Social Skills

As an activity, volunteer work generally puts you into contact with a variety of different people, providing you the chance to not only expand your connections, but to work on the ways in which you communicate and establish relationships with others.

Physical, Mental and Emotional Health

Volunteering can provide a feeling of empowerment and reward that can often lead to an increase in self-confidence, as well as a decline in isolation and depression. The fact that most volunteer activities are physical can also translate into a great way to stay active and in shape, and to work towards better physical health.


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